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₹7500+ Cr claims

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Health Insurance Plans for Senior Citizens

health insurance plan

While planning for retirement don’t forget to stay protected against health emergencies. A comprehensive health insurance plan for senior citizens help you stay secured against unforeseen medical expenses and allows you to be self reliant at the time of an emergency. HDFC ERGO offers a wide variety of health plans designed to meet the specific needs of senior citizens. An extensive network of cashless hospitals and industry-leading features ensures that you have a stress-free and peaceful retirement.

Recommended Senior Citizens Health Insurance Plans

Just launched Optima Secure

Optima Secure

Optima Secure from HDFC ERGO is packed with SO MUCH Benefits that give you an incredible 4X Coverage* at no additional cost. HDFC ERGO is strongly backed by the trust of over #1.5 cr customers gained over the period of 18+ years. Get So Much Coverage So Much Choice & So Much Savings.

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health insurance policy for family

my:health Suraksha Silver

This plan offers free health inspection every year so that you remain in the pink of health, always. And family members below the age of 45 do not even have to get tested to get insured. No room rent capping is another key benefit offered by my:health Suraksha.

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medical insurance policy for Family

Optima Restore

Choose a family health insurance plan that offers 100% sum insured restoration after the first claim and enjoy complete protection all year round. It also offers a 2x multiplier benefit, if you do not make claims.

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medical insurance policy for Family

Medisure Super Top Up

Why pay more for a bigger cover when you always have an option to top it up with my:health Medisure Super Top-up. Our health insurance plan for individual offers lifelong renewability & AYUSH benefits to cater for their growing medical needs.

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buy a health insurance plan
Choose Peace of Mind Over Panic

Why do you need a Health Insurance Cover for  Senior Citizens?

What is health Insurance policy

While you may think the savings accumulated over the entire career may be enough to take care of your medical needs. The corpus may run out earlier than you think. Health insurance for senior citizens is a crucial tool to safeguard your life savings. It will help you take care of your health needs even in an era of rising medical costs.

health insurance covers medical expenses
Covers Medical Expenses
health insurance covers cost of hospitalization
Quality Medical Attention
health insurance covers icu charges
Preventive Health Check-up
ambulance cost covered in health Insurance
Beats inflation
day care procedures covered in health insurance
Save Tax^
ayush benefits covered in health insurance
Peace Of Mind

Network Hospitals
Across India

Find Your Nearest Cashless Hospitals

Find 10,000+ network hospitals across India
Jaslok Medical Centre


C-1/15A Yamuna Vihar, Pincode-110053

Roopali Medical
Centre Private Limited


C-1/15A Yamuna Vihar, Pincode-110053

Jaslok Medical Centre


C-1/15A Yamuna Vihar, Pincode-110053

Understand Coverage Offered by Senior Citizens Health Insurance Policies

hospitalization expenses covered by hdfc ergo

Hospitalization Expenses

Don’t fret over rising hospitalisation costs. Get seamless coverage for all hospitalisation-related expenses like ICU charges, nursing fees, etc. Seek the best medical facilities without worrying about coverage.

mental healthcare covered in HDFC ERGO health insurance

Mental Healthcare

Reasons for mental stress and fatigue can be numerous. Mental healthcare expenses, however, should not be one. We cover hospitalisation expenses for treating mental illness.

pre & post hospitalisation covered

Pre & Post Hospitalisation

Multiple checkups and consultations follow and precede hospitalisation. HDFC ERGO health insurance covers all expenses 60 days prior to hospitalisation and 180 days post-discharge.

daycare procedures covered

Day Care Treatments

Enjoy the benefits of advancement in medical technology and opt for daycare procedures, if suitable. The policy covers medical procedures that take less than 24 hours.

cashless home health care covered by hdfc ergo

Home Healthcare

Get treated in the comfort of your home on the recommendation of a doctor and we will cover all the treatment expenses.

sum insured rebound covered

Sum Insured Rebound

In case the existing health cover gets exhausted, the policy magically recharges the sum insured up to the base cover so that you do not have to worry about future diseases.

organ donor expenses

Organ Donor Expenses

Serious illnesses may require an organ transplant. Getting a suitable organ donor can be a bit difficult but rest assured of the expenses as the plan covers organ donor expenses.

recovery benefits covered

Recovery Benefit

Has your doctor advised hospitalisation of more than 10 days? In case of a lengthy hospitalization (over 10 days), we pay a lump sum amount to help you take care of household expenses.

ayush benefits covered

AYUSH Benefits

We believe you should not leave any stone unturned when it comes to your health. The HDFC ERGO my:health Suraksha Insurance - Silver Smart Plan offers coverage for alternative therapies like Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy.

free renewal health check-up

Free Renewal Health Check-up

Get a free health check-up within 60 days of renewing your policy with us.

lifetime renewability

Lifelong Renewability

Get insured and forget as the policy continues for the entire life on break free renewals.

lifetime renewability

Multiplier Benefit

If there is no claim in the first year, in the next policy year, the sum insured will grow by 50%. It means, instead of ₹ 5 Lakh, your sum insured would now stand at ₹ 7.5 Lakh for the second year.

The above mentioned coverage may not be available in some of our Health plans. Please read the policy wordings, brochure and prospectus to know more about our health insurance plans.

adventure sport injuries

Adventure Sport Injuries

Adventure sports like bungee jumping and paragliding can be extremely enjoyable, but they also expose you to untold risks. We do not cover injuries sustained due to adventure sports.

self-inflicted injuries not covered

Self-inflicted Injuries

People may harm themselves under the influence of alcohol or hallucinogenic substances, however, we do not cover self-inflicted injuries.

injuries in war is not covered


A war can be ruinous and devastating. The policy does not cover claims caused due to wars.

Participation in defence operations not covered

Participation in Defence Operations

Any injury caused while participating in defence operation is not covered by the policy.

venereal or sexually transmitted diseases

Venereal or Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Venereal and sexually transmitted diseases can be devastating for the mind and the body. We do not offer cover for venereal and sexually transmitted diseases.

treatment of obesity or cosmetic surgery not covered

Treatment of Obesity or Cosmetic Surgery

Many people opt for obesity reduction procedures and cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance. The policy does not cover obesity treatment and cosmetic surgery.

buy a health insurance plan
All Set to Buy A Health Insurance Plan?

  How to Make a Claim for your HDFC ERGO Health Insurance  

The sole purpose of buying a health insurance plan is to get financial support at the time of medical emergency. Hence, it is important to read the below steps to know how Health Insurance claims process works differently for cashless claimsand reimbursement claim requests.

Health Insurance Cashless Claims get approved within 60*~ minutes

Fill pre-auth form for cashless approval


Fill up the pre-auth form at the network hospital for cashless approval

approval status for health claim


Once hospital intimates us, we send you the status update

Hospitalization after approval


Hospitalisation can be done on the basis of pre-auth approval

medical claims settlement with the hospital

Claim settlement

At the time of discharge, we settle the claim directly with hospital

We settle reimbursement claims within 6~* hours



You need to pay the bills initially and preserve the original invoices

claim registration

Register a claim

Post hospital discharge send us all your invoices and treatment documents

claim verifcation


We verify your claim related invoices and treatment documents

claim approval

Claim Settlement

We send the approved claim amount to your bank account.

Get health insurance plan for your family
Willing to Get A Health Insurance Plan
for Your Family?

Why Buy Senior Citizens Health Insurance Online?

buy health insurance policy from anywhere, anytime


With the digital wave sweeping India, a number of new avenues have opened up, buying health insurance being one of them. Getting health insurance for senior citizens online offers unprecedented convenience. You do not require a long and winding explanation, just a click of the mouse and you are done!

secured payment mode

Secured Payment Modes

When the world is going contactless, why to rely on paying through cash or cheques. With the emergence of new technologies, online payments have become the most secure modes of translation. Pay through debit/credit card or net banking with extreme safety.

instant quotes & policy issuance

Instant Quotes & Policy Issuance

Want to change the cover or add or remove a member? Rather than waiting for someone to give lengthy explanations, opt for the online mode where all this can be done in a jiffy.

 get instant policy documents

Get instant policy document

With online transactions, you do not have to wait for the policy document to arrive through the mail system. Neither do you have to worry about the safe-keeping of the document. You get the policy document in your mail as soon as you make the first payment.

instant quotes & policy issuance

Everything at your fingertips

Get every piece of information related to your policy and much more in a single place. To ensure that you do not have to search for policy-related documents in various folders and mailboxes, we provide all policy-related documents in the my:health services mobile application. You can also monitor your calorie intake and BMI through the app.

protect against coronavirus hospitalization expenses
Protect Your Family Against Coronavirus
Hospitalization Expenses

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Praveen Kumar

my:Health Suraksha

28 Oct 2020

I will recommend my friends and family members, yours service is to good and prompt, customer supporting is very good.


my:Health Suraksha

15 Oct 2020

I am totally satisfied with the services. The toll free line and IVR line worked even in Covid19 crisis. HDFC customer care executives communication is extremely helpful.

Shweta R

my:Health Suraksha

12 Oct 2020

I am glad that you have processed our claim as per the request of our mail.Thank you for considering our mail and responding to it. I am so happy for approving our claim.

Pramod MahadevTanawade

my:Health Suraksha

28 Sep 2020

Appreciated services provided by your executives.

Shailendra Kumar Rath

my:Health Suraksha

20 Oct 2020

Excellent service superb Time taken to settle claim exceptionally very low worth mentioning We are delighted at your service

Willing to Buy A medical insurance Plan?
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