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What is Home Contents Insurance ?

Home content or home belongings as popularly referred to stands for all the valuables you bring into your home to add utility and aesthetics. Your household belongings such as electronic equipment, furniture and portable electronic breathe life into your home. It is hard to imagine life without home content hence; it becomes essential to cover all your home content. Just like your home structure needs protection from natural calamities, fire or accidental damage the home content requires protection against breakdown, theft etc. Getting your home content insured will help you to safeguard all your belongings, which has your hard-earned money invested.Buy home content insurance and safeguard your content against natural calamities, fire, theft or breakdowns.

HDFC ERGO’s Home Shield Insurance covers both home structure and content comprehensively to give you a one roof shopping experience. Home contents insurance typically covers items like electrical goods, furniture, jewellery, sports gear and clothes. All that you might take with you if you moved house. We also provide cover for a pedal cycle. We recommend you to buy home structure cover + content insurance. This combination helps in offering the much-needed protection for your home sweet home. Even if you stay in a rented space, you can secure your home content with HDFC ERGO’s Home Shield Insurance.

List of Contents Covered under Home Insurance

Furniture and fixtures
Do not restrict home insurance cover to protect your home structure, your furniture and fixtures are equally important. Our Home Shield Insurance covers your furniture like sofa, TV unit, wardrobe, bed etc. It will give you peace of mind, as you will not have to pay for repairs if the product develops a fault even after manufacturer’s warranty expires in case the items are insured. Furniture Insurance is a great way to protect your furniture’s long-term value if it ever is stolen or damaged totally/partially. Note that inherent defect or manufacturing defect would be excluded from coverage.
Electronic Equipment
If your washing machine or vacuum cleaner stops, functioning it becomes difficult to manage day-to-day chores. Then, why leave your important electronic equipment’s unprotected? With Home Shield Insurance you can secure electronic equipment such as air conditioner, refrigerator, television etc. seamlessly. If any of your electronic equipment breaks down our Home Shield Insurance pays for the repair expenses.
Jewellery & Valuables
Your jewellery is an expensive investment and it holds emotional value. Looking at the increase in the number of theft cases it has become important to secure your jewellery with an insurance cover. Not protecting your jewellery against theft is not a wise thing to do, hence we recommend buying home insurance for securing your valuable jewellery.
Portable electronics
It is hard to imagine life without laptops, tablets and gaming consoles they not just keep us entertained but also act as a window to connect with the world. But, what if your laptop or camera goes missing or gets damaged accidentally? Buying your expensive gadgets all over again will surely affect your finances; hence secure your portable electronics with home insurance plan that covers content too.
Pedal cycle
Cycling is indeed a fun-filled activity and it contributes to reducing pollution levels. But, did you know your cycle might get stolen or damaged? Just like your home belongings and structure, your pedal cycle needs care and attention. With HDFC ERGO’s Home Shield Insurance Plan, we cover all your home belongings and pedal cycle under one plan.

Key Benefits of Buying Home Content Insurance

Covers almost everything
Not only does home contents insurance cover your possessions that are at home, but it can also have you covered for personal possession like jewellery or valuables, which you might have taken away from home. You will have to share the list and value of all your portable equipment and Jewellery with your insurer to get them covered. However it does not cover for items that friends or visitors brought onto your premises, unless they are listed under your policy.
Renters can get cover too
If you do not own a house but are renting then do not worry you are not left in the dark. You can take out content only insurance to cover your possessions that are contained within the property, such as your electronic equipment, furniture and fixtures. When it comes to the property being damaged by something that was not caused by you then that will be covered by your owner’s home structure insurance. But, not buying a home content insurance just because you do not own the house is not a good idea. Any damage caused to your home content will be a loss to you and not to the homeowner; hence, you must secure your home content with content insurance.insurance premium.
Wide scope of cover
Home Shield Insurance offered by HDFC ERGO offers a wide scope of coverage. It does not limit itself to cover content damage due to natural calamities or fire, this policy also covers theft and accidental damages or breakdown of electronic equipment. Isn’t that amazing? This means your home content is covered against natural uncertainties, manmade calamities, accidental damages and theft loss as well.

Types of Home Content Insurance

Home Content Insurance for Owners
If you own a house and possess electronic equipment, furniture and other important household belongings, you must secure your home content. As an owner you can secure your home structure and protect it against natural calamities and theft similarly, you can safeguard your valuable home content as well. At an additional premium, you can protect your jewellery and pedal cycle too.
Home Content Insurance for Renters
Even if you do not own the house, you do own the content or belongings. Hence, you need to buy home insurance that covers valuable home content. Choosing a contents insurance cover that is right for you can be tricky. To ease your worries and offer complete protection to your home content choose Home Shield Insurance by HDFC ERGO, as it secures home content for tenants and renters seamlessly. At an additional premium, you can protect your jewellery, portable electronics and pedal cycle too.
Home Content Insurance - As 'new' or new for 'old'
This type of home content insurance will reimburse the complete cost of repair in case your insured home content is damaged. However, in the case of theft, the reimbursement will be sufficient to buy similar new content. However, the list of items that are covered under this home content insurance may differ from insurer to insurer. For example, clothes cannot be covered under this type of home content insurance. The premium for this type of insurance plan will remain on the higher side.
Home Content Insurance on Indemnity basis
This type of home content insurance plans are cheaper because reimbursements in this category are fixed after considering the wear and tear or depreciation of the content. Like, claim on a five-year-old Digital Camera will depend on its current market value and not the purchase price or invoice value. Our Home Shield insurance plan covers repair expenses in case of partial damage and pays for the depreciated value of your content in case of a total loss.

Please note that the above-mentioned benefits are illustrative refer to policy documents of Home Shield Insurance for More details


Why Choose HDFC ERGO for Home Contents Insurance ?

Trusted brand
When it comes to securing your home content go for a brand that has to have claim paying ability and can be beside you at the time of need. HDFC ERGO has secured #1.3 crore, happy customers, by providing the right set of insurance plans and settled claims with utmost ease and transparency. With 24x7 customer support and in-house claim settlement team, we are all ears when it comes to resolving your queries.
Offers all in 1 cover
With HDFC ERGO you get both structure and content covered under one insurance plan so you do not have to cover home structure and content separately. Home Shield Insurance by HDFC ERGO is a comprehensive cover and secures your home completely. Experience one roof shopping experience with us.
Up to 45% Discount* on Premiums
If you believed that your home content insurance premium is high you are mistaken. We offer up to 45% discount on your home content insurance, which makes your premium affordable. You can now secure all your home belongings at an affordable premium with HDFC ERGO.
Content covered up to ₹25 lakhs
You can secure your content value up to ₹25 lakhs easily under Home Shield Insurance plan by HDFC ERGO. Your total content value should not exceed ₹25 lakhs.
Attractive optional covers
To expand the scope of coverage for your home, we offer optional covers so that nothing remains uncovered in your home sweet home. With Home Shield Insurance for content, you can choose to cover portable electronic equipment, jewellery & valuables and pedal cycle at an additional premium. We also offer terrorism cover, if terrorists or protection squad damages your home by Government's defence services.

Benefits of Home Contents Insurance

Complete protection
It is advisable to cover your home content with an all-round home content insurance plan for complete protection. Home content insurance acts like a safety shield protecting your valuable home belongings. All you need to do is prepare a list of home content you would want to insure and set the current market value against it. It helps in calculating your home content insurance premium. While we emphasize on securing your home structure, it is equally important to protect your inexpensive home content.
Affordable premiums
Say no to hefty premiums with HDFC ERGO’s Home Shield Insurance. Yes, we do cover your home structure and content both. However, that does not mean you have to spend a humongous amount on securing your most valuable asset. Whether you own a house or stay in a rented space, we cover home content and structure at convincing and reasonable premiums.
Peace of mind assured
Natural calamities do not come with prior notice. In case of a sudden calamity, if your home content gets damaged you do not have to pay for the entire repair and replacement cost out of your pocket. Hence, your finances, which you have saved for your future life goals, remain safe as we cover for the content loss.
Low stress
You do not have to worry about your valuable home belongings. In case of natural disaster or other events like fire or theft incident, your home content insurance will cover for the losses caused to your belongings, this means you would not need to stress about your home belongings and how you could afford to fix it or replace it. Depending on how comprehensive your policy is, it may cover the cost of rebuilding your home and pay for temporary accommodation during that period.

What does contents insurance cover?

If your home content or belongings are damaged due to an unforeseen or sudden situation like fire, lightning, bursting or overflowing of water tanks, we cover your home content seamlessly. We cover for repair and replacement expenses for furniture and electronic equipment depending upon the nature of loss and damage.
Burglary & Theft
If a burglar steals, your precious belongings do not panic as we cover financial loss caused due to theft, burglary, robbery, housebreaking, and anti-social activities like riots and strikes, etc. Your home content is protected against theft and burglary. If your home or apartment has advanced security features then your premium may also be a bit low.
Accidental damage
Some damages are caused accidentally and not intentionally. Hence, any damages caused due to external accident or during the transit of the home content is covered under content cover for home. Home shield insurance covers accidental damage expenses as well.
Mechanical or electrical breakdown coverage
If you choose to insure your electronic equipment then we cover breakdowns due to any mechanical or electrical problems. We cost of repair and replacement of your electronic home appliances and equipment.

How to get cheap home content insurance online?

Compare Quotes

You can compare quotes offered by different home content insurance companies to pick your most suited plan. While comparing do not just consider the premium as the right measure, you must also look at the scope of cover and value that you get in case of a claim.

High-end security measures

If your home is equipped with modern security systems like CCTV camera, 24-x7-house guard and intercom calling facility etc. then your premium for home content insurance will be a little low.

Salaried Discount

Your occupation also helps in offering a discount. We offer discounts for salaried individuals who are willing to get home content insurance. This does not mean that if you are a self-employed individual or someone who runs a business should not go for home content insurance.

Online discount

Go digital. Buy home content insurance online and save some bucks. We offer an online discount on your home content insurance plan. Isn’t that amazing?

Skip optional covers

If you do not possess expensive jewellery or a pedal cycle, you can skip the optional covers to pay a little lower premium for home content insurance.

Frequently asked questions on Home Content Insurance

Home content insurance or content cover for home is all about insuring your precious home belongings from natural calamities, theft, fire incident and breakdowns. So that in case of insured damage or loss you do not have to pay for repair or replacement cost out of your pocket.
Home insurance may or may not secure both structure and belongings of your home. However, your home content insurance will secure belongings only and not the structure. Our Home Shield Insurance secures both home structure and content.

Yes. Your clothes and other belongings also get covered under home content insurance.

Yes absolutely. Home content insurance is not limited to homeowners even if you stay in a rented accommodation you can cover your home assets under home content insurance.

Our insurance plans provide the flexibility to choose an insurance tenure depending on your requirements. It starts at 1 year and goes up to 5 years.
Of course. You can buy home content insurance online without any hassle. In case you need some more details, you can call on our customer support number for more assistance.


Your home content insurance claim process depends upon the type and nature of the claim. Under any circumstances, evidence of the event that has happened along with the insured content document is all that we need at the time of claims. However, in case if we require more documents our claims team will assist you for the same.


Not really, owner can take either Structure cover or home content cover. However,, for your peace of mind and financial security, it is preferable to buy insurance covering both structure and content. If you are a homeowner, you can choose to secure both structure & content and anyone as per your wish.


At HDFC ERGO, we offer up to 45% discount on home content depending upon the coverage. We also offer an online and salaried professional discount.


Yes. If you have the valid documents, you too can secure your dad’s property online.


Content includes Furniture, Fixtures, Fittings, Cupboards Including Inbuilt Cupboards, Electrical Fittings, Sanitary Fittings ,Electrical and Electronic Appliances, Crockery, Cutlery, Steel Utensils, Clothing & Personal Effects, Drapery, Pedal Cycles , other Household Articles not older than 10 years whilst stored or lying in the Insured’s ”Building.
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