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Travel Insurance For U.S.A

The United States of America is all about all things beautiful from blue oceans and beaches, snow-capped peaks and loving cities. This diverse land with beaming light welcomes you with open arms. Its scenic landscapes and enthralling destinations will leave you speechless. When it comes to exploring the countries listed under The United States of America there’s no such place which will not offer the “WOW” factor. Be it a solo trip to Florida, a backpacking trip to Alaska, Family trip to Grand Canyon or a friend’s vacation to Las Vegas, USA offers you exhaustive travelling opportunities. Wandering in and around USA is fun, however travelling without a travel insurance may prove hazardous. Before planning for the perfect trip, look for travel insurance for USA online and choose the best travel plan to insure your trip.

Must Know Before Travelling to U.S.A

Category:  Leisure/ Business/Education 

Currency: US Dollar

Best time to travel: May to September

Visa type for Indians: Pre approved

Must see Countries: Florida, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, New York & Disney Land.

Travel Insurance for U.S.A: While U.S.A is a tourist friendly continent, it is important to secure your belongings and travel agenda. Common mishaps such as loss of baggage or flight delays may affect your tour plan drastically; hence getting travel insurance is important for your next U.S.A Tour.


#the above are for information purpose only. Please consult your travel agent or respective embassy before planning your travel

What’s Included?

Medical Related Coverage


Emergency medical expenses

If there’s a medical emergency, we’re there with our cashless treatment facility because you’ve got a friend in us.


Emergency dental expenses

Did you know that dental expenses abroad can exceed your budget -trip? But worry not, our emergency dental treatment will ensure a smile in every selfie!


Medical evacuation

We will literally get you out of distressing situations with emergency medical evacuation via air/surface to the nearest hospital.


Hospital daily cash allowance

Petty hospitalisation expenses can eat into your trip money. Although medical expenses will get covered seamlessly, with hospital daily cash we look at reimbursing those little expenses as well.


Medical & Body Repatriation

In case of a death, we’ll bear the cost to transfer the mortal remains to the home country.


Accidental death

We are with you not just in sickness and health but also in case of an accidental death. We will provide a lump-sum compensation to your family under such unfortunate circumstance.


Permanent Disablement

If an unfortunate accident causes permanent disability, we’ll provide a lump-sum compensation to make things a little easier for you.

Baggage-related coverage


Loss of Baggage & Personal Documents

You don’t want to be in a foreign country without your passport, right? Neither do we, so we will reimburse the expenses for getting a duplicate/new passport.


Loss of checked-in baggage

What’s the point of vacation shopping if your luggage gets lost? Don’t worry, we’ll compensate you for the loss of your checked-in baggage.


Delay of checked-in baggage

You are travelling to have fun and not to wait at the baggage collection. So, if your luggage gets delayed, we’ll reimburse you for the essentials while things get sorted.

Journey-related coverage


Personal liability

In a foreign land if you are accidentally liable for any third party damage, we will compensate you for the same.


Financial Emergency Assistance

Even on a solo travel you are not alone. We’ll provide emergency cash in case of robbery, theft, or dacoity.


Hijack Distress Allowance

We might not be able to rescue a hijacked flight, but we’ll definitely compensate you for the distress it causes you.


Flight delay

Flight delays are annoying, right? We will make it a little less so by reimbursing you for the essential purchases you make in the meanwhile.


Hotel Accommodation

Let us take care of your extended hotel accommodation while you recover from your medical emergency.

What’s Not Included?


Breach of Law

Any sickness or health issues caused to due to war or a breach of the law.


Consumption of Intoxicant substances

If you consume intoxicant or banned substance, the policy shall not entertain any claims.


Pre existing diseases

If you’re suffering from a disease before travelling or undergo treatment for an illness which already exists, we do not cover it.


Cosmetic and Obesity Treatment

If you or your family member choose to undergo cosmetic or obesity treatment, it stands uncovered.


Self Inflicted Injury

We apologise but if you hurt yourself or get hospitalised due to suicide attempt we shall not be able to cover you


Adventure Sports

Any injury caused due to an adventure sport remains uncovered.

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Frequently asked questions

Select the Sum Insured which will optimally cover you in case of any eventualities. We recommend the same basis your country of visit as average medical treatment cost varies from country to country.
Certainly. You can buy travel insurance policy for your parents on Individual Sum Insured basis or on floater basis as you deem right.
Yes you can. HDFC ERGO travel Insurance policy offers cover to unaccompanied minor.
No. You can buy travel insurance for your immediate family members only.
Yes you can buy travel insurance in case you are an hypertensive /diabetic. Just declare the same. However, in case of medical emergency, you will be covered for all expenses excluding those for your Pre-existing Disease.
Deductible is the amount that the insured has to bear first in all cases and is deducted from the payable claim amount.
Sublimit is applicable for only those over 61 years. The same is specified in the policy schedule.
No, there is no such requirement. Just declare the Pre-exisiting disease condition and you are good to go.
This policy does not cover pre-existing diseases. A ‘Pre-Existing Illness’ is one with which the person is already suffering from before he buys the policy.
Emergency Medical Evacuation means arrangement for transportation required to move an insured to the nearest hospital and Medical Repatriation means arrangement for transportation required to move an insured to his/her country of residence following an emergency.
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