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Home Insurance for Theft & Burglary

Perils like burglary and theft may happen when it is least expected. It is distressing to even think about your house getting broken into. Housebreaking and theft cases have become quite common these days. Whether you are an owner or a tenant, if your house contains jewellery, gadgets, furniture, artwork and other valuables, then a theft incident may lead to financial loss. If you have home insurance that covers, Theft and Burglary Insurance act as a financial saviour. It pays to cover the losses that happened due to theft or burglary. It is important to secure your home content against theft so that your hard-earned investments remain safe. Even in case of a theft incident, if you lose your precious belongings our Home Shield Insurance covers the losses seamlessly.

Stay peaceful by insuring your possessions against theft/burglary. With up to ₹25 lakhs of coverage for home belongings, you can secure all your belongings with us. Home insurance for theft is indeed very important. At, HDFC ERGO you do not have to buy an additional cover or a new home insurance plan to cover theft-related losses. Our Home Shield Insurance Plan offers coverage against damage caused due to natural calamities, man-made hazards, theft/burglary etc. all in one plan for your home.

How to safeguard Home against theft?

Lock it up
Howsoever obvious it may seem but the fact is many people do not lock all doors and windows before they leave their home. Even if you are just around the corner, do not forget to lock your front door. Thieves are known to get inside your home quietly and take things away. In addition, it is not always true that the burglar plans a theft incident only when you are away even when you are inside the house and your main door is not locked properly a thief may get inside your house and take away your belongings within a few minutes.
Home alarm systems
Whenever you step outside your house, make sure to set your home alarm if you have one. If you are yet to get one then consider getting one, it would definitely be worthwhile. Home alarm systems are designed to protect your house and give you an alert if someone tries to sneak in your house. It also helps you save a bit on home insurance premium.
Upgrade your defences
Getting a CCTV set-up is a good idea but keeping a regular check is also important. You need to upgrade and maintain your security devices on timely basis. In addition, you just should not check the camera only when a theft incident is reported, a regular check is important to notice suspicious visits by any stranger within the premises.
Don’t advertise your absence
Do not broadcast details about upcoming trips on social networking platform. Thieves have been known to watch for online posts to determine when homeowners will be out of the house, especially around public holidays, summer vacations and during the winter months when people are more likely to go on holiday. If the thieves come to know about your absence then getting inside the house and stealing things becomes a cakewalk for them. Instead, if you are planning to leave your home unattended then inform your trusted neighbours and ask them to keep a check.

Coverage for Theft under Home Insurance

Damage of Home Structure
Not all thieves or burglar get inside the house peacefully and steal things many end up damaging the door or structure like a particular wall of your home. This type of damage that happens at the time of a theft incident is covered seamlessly. If the thief breaks your door to get inside the house forcefully damaging your home structure, the expense to repair is taken care by the Home insurance policy. Because, theft incidents do cause damage to your home structure and that needs to be covered.
Loss of home content
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Covers both Burglary & Theft
Some Home Insurance policies cover either theft or burglary. But, with HDFC ERGO Home Shield Insurance we cover both theft and burglary in one policy.Theft is usually referred to someone sneaking into your house to steal things without any forceful entry. While for most people there isn’t a significant difference between these two, in insurance parlance these are two different types of crimes and not all policies cover both.

Why Choose HDFC ERGO for Theft Insurance?

Trusted brand
When it comes to securing your home content and structure against theft, go for a brand that has to have claim paying ability and can be beside you at the time of need. HDFC ERGO has secured #1.3 crore, happy customers, by providing the right set of insurance plans and settled claims with utmost ease and transparency. With 24x7 customer support and in-house claim settlement team, we are all ears when it comes to resolving your queries.
Offers all in 1 cover
With HDFC ERGO you get both structure and content covered under one insurance plan so you do not have to cover home structure and content separately. Home Shield Insurance by HDFC ERGO is a comprehensive cover and secures your home completely. Experience one roof shopping experience with us. We also cover both theft and burglary under one plan.
Up to 45% Discount* on Premiums
You can instantly calculate the premium, add or remove members, customize plans, and check coverage online at your fingertips to buy a health insurance plan online.
Content covered up to ₹25 lakhs
You can secure your content value up to ₹25 lakhs easily under Home Shield Insurance plan by HDFC ERGO. Your total content value should not exceed ₹25 lakhs.
Attractive optional covers
To expand the scope of coverage for your home, we offer optional covers so that nothing remains uncovered in your home sweet home. With Home Shield Insurance for content, you can choose to cover portable electronic equipment, jewellery & valuables and pedal cycle at an additional premium. We also offer terrorism cover, if terrorists or protection squad damages your home by Government's defence services.

Who should buy a Home Insurance for Theft & Burglary cover?

Home Owners
Theft of any kind can be distressing for homeowners. Your home contains not only items with high monetary value but also things that have an emotional value attached for you and your family. That’s why having the right homeowner's insurance policy with theft cover is crucial in the unfortunate event of a break-in. If you own a house and it has valuable content like electronics, jewellery, electronic appliances and other valuables you must get home insurance with theft cover. So, that if you lose any of the insured items in a theft incident, you are covered against the financial losses. Your home needs this protection with a home insurance policy. If you already have home insurance then check if it covers losses due to theft or burglary. Buying home insurance with theft cover will definitely invite peace of mind.
Home Tenants
You are a renter or tenant who lives in an apartment on a temporary basis and does not own the property. But, don’t you own the content that you got inside the house? Even if you do not own the house but you do own the content. In a theft incident, that happens in your home if your electronic gadgets, valuables, clothes and home appliances are stolen then buying these important items all over again may lead to heavy financial loss. Hence, always secure your home content with a home insurance cover. Your homeowner may secure only the contents owned and not the content that you brought inside the house. It’s important to secure your valuable belongings and get total peace of mind.

How premium is calculated for Home Insurance that covers theft?

Amount of coverage
A home insurance premium is calculated depending upon the current value of the property. Higher the coverage or Sum Insured higher the premium and vice versa. Home insurance premium for a flat worth five Cr. would definitely incur high premium as compared to a 1Cr. Your sum-insured value depends upon the prevailing property rate of your home. Contents Sum insured should be based on their replacement value.
The location where you stay counts while deriving the premium for your home insurance. If your residence has a lot of theft cases registered, then your premium might be a bit high. Your residence location plays an important role in deciding the premium.
Deductibles, if any
Deductibles are the compulsory amount that you pay when there is a claim. If your home insurance plans involve deductibles then your premium amount depends upon deductible percentage. Higher the deductible lowers the premium and vice versa.
Content Value
If your house contains a wide range of expensive furniture and electronics then your premium may get a little high. Additionally, if you choose to cover the jewellery and valuables then you can cover that too with an additional premium.
Security measures
To expand the scope of coverage for your home, we offer optional covers so that nothing remains uncovered in your home sweet home. With Home Shield Insurance for content, you can choose to cover portable electronic equipment, jewellery & valuables and pedal cycle at an additional premium. We also offer terrorism cover, if terrorists or protection squad damages your home by Government's defence services.
Buying mode and your occupation
At, HDFC ERGO if you are a salaried individual you get premium discounts also if you buy online we give you discounts, hence go for HDFC ERGO’s home shield cover for complete coverage against uncertainties that may damage your home.
Additional or Optional Cover
If you possess expensive jewellery or a pedal cycle, you will have to take the optional covers to pay a little lower premium for home content insurance. With optional covers for content like jewellery, valuable and portable electronics your premium may go a bit high but you also get a wide scope of cover.

Frequently asked questions on Theft & Burglary Insurance

Well, a comprehensive all-risk covered home insurance policy will usually cover theft, as well as repair costs from break-in damages.
Your coverage amount or as we say sum insured for home content or structure depends upon the total value of your home content or structure.

Theft means taking someone's property but does not involve the use of force. ... Burglary means illegally entering a property in order to steal property from it.

You can cover home content such as furniture, jewellery, furnishing items, electronic equipment and home appliances.
Definitely. You can secure your home structure and content both even if you don’t stay there.


Definitely. You can secure your home structure and content both even if you don’t stay there.


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