Frequently asked questions

Students between 16 to 35 years planning to study abroad can purchase the policy.
Yes, the policy provides worldwide cover from 30 days to 2 years.
No. Your policy start date & purchase date cannot be later than your trip commencement date.
Yes, you can buy Student travel insurance if you declare Pre-existing Disease. However, policy excludes medical expenses due to Pre-existing Disease condition.
In case of accidental death of the sponsor, tuition period for the remaining period will be reimbursed up to the max limit as mentioned in the policy schedule.
In case your study gets interrupted due to prolonged hospitalisation of more than a month due to injury or sickness, or due to accidental death of the sponsor, thereby leading to discountinuation of studies for the remaining semester, then the advance tuition fees paid to the educational institution will be reimbursed minus actual refunds.
In case the insured gets hospitalised for more than 7 consecutive days, and no adult family member is present to attend to him/her, the company will arrange round trip economy class air ticket for one immediate family member. This is upon confirmation from our panel doctor that a companion is required attend to him /her.
Yes, Add-on coverage as 'Plus Plan' is available. It comprises of hospitalisation expenses related to pregnancy, treatment of Mental & Nervous Disorders including alcoholism & drug Dependence, Cancer Screening & Mammography Examinations & Childcare Benefits.
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