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Corona Kavach Policy

Corona Kavach, HDFC ERGO Policy is designed to pay for medical expenses arising due to Coronavirus infection. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has announced the launch of Corona Kavach Policy and made it mandatory for all General & Standalone health insurance companies in India to offer this policy to its customers. Corona Kavach Policy aims at covering hospitalisation, pre-post hospitalisation, home care treatment expenses and AYUSH treatment in case anyone is tested positive of Covid-19 infection. Buy Corona Kavach online by HDFC ERGO and get access to quality medical treatments during the ongoing pandemic.


Why do you need Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy ?

  • All your hospitalisation expenses associated with PPE kits, oxygen, ventilators, and consultation fees will be covered.
  • We also cover Home Care Expenses, which is incurred when an insured takes treatment for being COVID-19 positive at home.
  • Your pre and post hospitalisation expenses, i.e. 15 days before hospitalization and until 30 days after discharge, will be reimbursed.
  • Medical expenses incurred during homecare treatment will be covered up to 14 days.
  • If you opt for AYUSH treatment, it will be covered as a part of the policy.
  • The policy provides for Road Ambulance Cover i.e. transfer from home to hospital or hospital to home, in an ambulance.
  • With more than 10,000 cashless network hospitals, finding the best treatment in your vicinity will be easy.
  • HDFC ERGO is trusted by more than #1.5 crore happy customers.

Reasons to choose Corona Kavach Policy from HDFC ERGO

10,000+ Cashless Network Hospitals
We understand the importance of financial assistance at the time of need, hence we offer cashless hospitalisation facility so that you dont have to worry about the finances while getting medical treatment.
Trusted by #1.5 crore+ Happy Customers
Trust redefines relations at HDFC ERGO. We consistently strive to make insurance easier, more affordable and more dependable. Here promises are kept, claims are fulfilled and lives are nurtured with utmost commitment.

Coverage for Co-Morbid Conditions under Corona Kavach Policy

Corona Kavach Policy, as mandated by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), covers hospitalisation expenses if the insured is diagnosed with COVID-19. And yes, the policy will also cover any co-morbid condition triggered due to COVID-19 during the period of hospitalization. However, the policy will not cover any other treatment that is unrelated to the present pandemic. If you wish to get insured against other common and critical ailments, you need to opt for a comprehensive health insurance plan. Corona Kavach Policy can be bought for an individual or as a family floater plan, but it can only be availed by persons between the ages of 18 and 65 years.

However, the policy will not cover any other treatment that is unrelated to the present pandemic. If you wish to get insured against other common and critical ailments, you need to opt for a comprehensive health insurance plan. Corona Kavach Policy can be bought for an individual or as a family floater plan, but it can only be availed by persons between the ages of 18 and 65 years.

What’s covered under Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy ?

cov-accHospitalisation Expenses

Everything from bed-charges, nursing charges, blood tests, PPE kits, oxygen, ICU, and Doctor consultation fees gets covered.

cov-accPre-hospitalisation Cover

Before hospitalisation, there are medical expenses towards doctor consultations, check-ups and diagnosis. We provide coverage of such expenses 15 days prior to hospitalization. We also cover the costs of diagnostics towards Covid-19.

cov-accPost-hospitalisation Cover

Get coverage for medical expenses incurred until 30 days after discharge from the hospital.

Cashless Home Health care**Home care treatment expenses

If you are undergoing treatment for Coronavirus at home, then we cover medical expenses related to health monitoring, medicine costs upto 14 days.

AYUSH Treatment (Non-Allopathic)AYUSH Treatment (Non-Allopathic)

We support the healing powers of Ayurveda, Unnani, Sidha and Homeopathy treatment. No matter what type of treatment you prefer, we are always there for you in the time of need.

Road Ambulance CoverRoad Ambulance Cover

Transfer from home to hospital or hospital to home in an ambulance is also covered. We pay ₹2000 per hospitalisation.

What is not covered in Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy ?

Diagnostic expenses

Diagnostic expenses

Hospitalisation for for diagnostics and evaluation purposes, which are not related or not incidental to the current diagnosis and treatment.

Rehabilitation & Cure

Rehabilitation & Cure

Expenses related to bed rest, custodial care at home or nursing facility by both skilled and non-skilled for is not covered.

Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements

Expenses incurred for buying medicine without a prescription by Doctor is not covered.

Unproven Treatments

Unproven Treatments

We do not cover expenses related to any unproven treatment, services and supplies that lack significant medical documentation to support their effectiveness. However, treatment authorized by the government for the treatment of COVID-19 shall be covered.

Biological War

Biological War

War can be disastrous and unfortunate. However, our health insurance plan does not cover any claim that are caused due to wars.

Day care treatments

Day care treatments

Medical expenses due to OPD treatments or day care procedures will not get covered.



Any expenses incurred in respect of inoculations, vaccinations or other preventive treatment shall not be covered.

Diagnosis outside India

Diagnosis outside India

We do not cover medical expenses for treatment taken outside the geographical limits of the country.

Unauthorized testing

Unauthorized testing

Testing done at a Diagnostic centre which is not authorized by the Government shall not be recognized under this Policy.

Optional Cover

Hospital Daily Cash

Get allowance for your day to day financial needs!

You get 0.5% of sum insured per day for 24 hours hospitalization for COVID-19 treatment upto 15 days.

How does it Work? If you are hospitalised and undergoing treatment for Coronavirus and you have taken a sum insured of 1 lac. In that case, we will pay you 0.5% of your sum insured everyday upto a maximum 15 days during your hospitalization tenure. This means with a sum insured of ₹1 lac you get ₹500 as hospital daily cash allowance for every 24 hours completion

A waiting period of 15 days is implied for Corona Kavach Policy.

Corona Kavach Policy, HDFC ERGO UIN: HDFHLIP21078V012021

The above-mentioned inclusions, benefits, exclusions and waiting periods are in gist and is for illustrative purpose only. To know more about the product, its waiting periods and sum insured for medical treatments, please refer to the policy wordings. Please note: Your policy coverage shall cease if the Insured Person travels to any country placed under Travel restriction by the Government of India.

Corona Kavach Policy for Family

One Affordable Premium for entire family
Get your whole family covered under single sum insured of up to Rs. 5 lacs. This means you pay premium for your whole family only once and share one plan.
Cover up to 6 family members in a single plan
Anyone between 18 to 65 years of age can take Corona Kavach family floater policy for himself, spouse, Parents and Parents-in-law, Dependent Children between the day 1 of age to 25 years.

Corona Kavach policy for Individual

Individual Plan for better coverage
Every individual has his or her own medical needs and preferences. Corona Kavach individual considers these needs and offers a sum insured of up to 5 lacs.
Cover for Senior Citizens and Parents
Your parents and elderly are at high risk of coronavirus. It’s wise to get an individual policy for them as per their individual needs.

Corona Kavach Health Insurance News

Parts of India facing Covid-19 Vaccine shortage

Some parts of India are facing the second wave of the Corona Virus, the demand for vaccine as risen considerably. But it's becoming difficult for the centre to meet the demand as various states are facing the scarcity. Maharashtra and Rajasthan have already raised a red flag about the vaccine shortage.

Source: Aljazeera | Published on 09 April 2021

Johnson & Johnson soon to begin single shot vaccine trial in India

US pharma giant Johnson & Johnson, the only manufacturer with a single-dose Covid-19 vaccine, has communicated to the Indian regulator that it will soon begin bridging clinical trials in the country. India is looking to ramp up its vaccine doses amidst high demand due to the second surge of Coronavirus.

Source: Indian Express | Published on 09 January 2021

Frequently asked questions

No, this policy is meant for covering Coronavirus hospitalisation treatment only. If you wish to get yourself insured against other possible ailments, you can explore our other health insurance plans
No, you cannot pay premium for Corona Kavach in instalments. However, there are other comprehensive health insurance plans offered by HDFC ERGO, which give instalment payment benefit.
Minimum entry age criteria for an adult is 18 years and for a child is 1 day whereas the maximum entry age limit is 65 years for adult and 25 years for a child..
If you are an Indian, Non-resident Indian, you reside in India or you are an overseas citizen of India you can get covered under this standard health insurance policy, provided you are in India at the time of purchase of the policy.
You can opt for the cashless claim at a network hospital or go for reimbursement claims at non-network hospitals. To read the detailed claim process click here.


This policy covers hospitalisation expenses or home care treatment expenses after an insured is found to be Coronavirus positive. Hence, mere quarantine expenses shall not be covered.
Yes, this standard health insurance plan covers health-check up or diagnosis expenses for Coronavirus only for positive cases.
The Sum insured options for Corona Kavach Policy are ₹ 50,000, 1,1.5, 2, 3.5, 4, 4.5, & 5 lacs.
You can buy Corona Kavach Policy for yourself, your family i.e your spouse, kids, parents and in-laws.
You can buy it for 3.5 months, 6.5 months, 9.5 months ie 105 days, 195 days & 285 days respectively.
The maximum entry age to buy this product is 65 years.
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